Style: Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators are an instantly recognizable sunglasses style that became popular in the late 1930s. A company called Bausch & Lomb’s created these glasses for pilots when a test pilot requested eyewear that would filter out the sunlight and glare when they were… Continue Reading

Style: Denim Jackets and Chambray Shirts

We have tons of denim jackets, vests, and shirts, just in time for stampede! We carry a variety of styles and sizes for men, women, and kids. We have both classic jean jackets and shirts (including vintage “western” wear) as well as… Continue Reading

Style: Finding the perfect denim jacket

With the Calgary Stampede approaching, we’ve stocked our outerwear section with tons of new, used, and vintage denim jackets. It’s a good idea to decide if you need your coat is going to be a lightweight layering piece, a spring/summer… Continue Reading