Remember to make the most of our seasonal sales and special offers!

These summer outfits feature bold patterns, bright turquoise, and lightweight fabrics perfect for hot days.

Whether you’re checking out our Facebook page or visiting our location, you have probably noted that all of our items are tagged in a variety of bright colours. These tags serve two main purposes. First, the colour coding allows us to keep track of how long the items are on the shelves so that we can rotate stock and ensure that we are always bringing you great new apparel.

Second of all, we have both daily and weekly sales, where each tag colour corresponds to a a percent discount from our regular price. Our store is organized by clothing type, size, and colour. With us, the sale items aren’t put on a rack hidden way at the back of the store: you can shop in your section as usual and easily pick the sale items based on the distinctive tag. Our accessories such as handbags, shoes, and scarves are not colour-tagged, but are put on sale regularly. Our weekly, seasonal, and daily sales are all listed in-store as well as on Facebook.  If you follow us online, you’ll also have access to special customer appreciation offers and will be the first to see our latest arrivals and seasonal displays.


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