DIY: Floral Hair Accessories

Hairstyles that incorporate flowers are perfect for this time of year. Why? Because although we likely won’t be seeing flowers in gardens for several months yet, roses and other beautiful flowers are definitely in keeping with the romantic style of Valentine’s day. Floral headbands and clips are also a fantastic way to add some springlike style to your wardrobe while you’re waiting for the weather to warm up. At Urban Thrift, we use seasonal floral and plant arrangements in our displays year-round. Floral themes are also a mainstay in our jewelry and hair sections, and botanical prints are a favourite of ours. If you love the floral styles that you see when you visit our location, check out these tips on how to create your own floral hair accessories.

There are very few hair accessories that are easier to create than a simple cloth headband or ribbon. The easiest versions can be made of patterned fabric or ribbon and tied in a variety of ways. For a polished look, tie the ribbon under your hair, or for a summery boho vibe tie a longer scarflike ribbon around like a headband. To add even more versatility to this look, try experimenting with fabrics of different styles and textures. When creating your own cloth hairbands or ribbons, you may need to do some sewing to keep the fabric from fraying and in order to keep the headband looking neat and polished. To keep lace and other very delicate fabrics from fraying, we’d reccomens using a serger. However, if you don’t have this sewing tool, try a zigzag stitch, or hemming your hair band very carefully by hand.

More intricate cloth hairbands, such as this one, have elastic in them and may be more difficult to make–even the creator of this tutorial comments that it took her a few attempts to get the measurements and sizing just so. However, once you have practiced a few times, you’ll have discovered your own custom pattern. With this, you’ll able to make whole set of hair accessories in a variety of different colours and prints. Plus, the same band can be styled multiple ways to create even more looks: their uses range from practical way to keep your hair out of your face during a workout to the perfect finishing touch to a old-fashioned updo.

Peony Headband Photo: Karen Huckleberry Designs

Peony Headband
Photo: Karen Huckleberry Designs

Solid plastic or metal headbands are another easy-to-embellish accessory. You can dress up any plain hairband by covering it with fabric using glue. This project can be great for school-aged children because there is no sewing or hot glue guns required. A more dramatic variation of this craft is pictured to the right. This DIY hairband created by Karen Huckleberry designs gives the appearance of a flower `pinned` to an updo. However, the flower is actually affixed to a plain band that blends in with the hair colour. Because the flower is attached to a band rather than pinned in place, it is much less likely to slip out of place or weigh down the hairstyle. Plus, you get none of the damage that can sometimes result from heavy plastic clips.

Floral hair pin (pictured here with refurbished antique dresser) Photo: Urban Thrift

Floral hair pin (pictured here with refurbished antique dresser)
Photo: Urban Thrift

For a more subtle look, you can use the same technique to create smaller floral clips and pins. For the flower pictured below, we used a false rose bloom and–because we were definitely in the Valentine’s day spirit–we dabbed the edges of the petals with some light-catching fabric paint. If you’re not ready to embrace large flowers, you can create a more delicate style attaching tiny metallic beads to a clip. Use Q tips to dab hot glue onto the bead to avoid using too much. The most important part of creating clips is to strike a balance between the size of the clip and the size of the flower. Also, to keep the flower as the focus of your hairstyle, select a clip that blends into your hair.

If you`re planning on trying out any of these projects or making a creation of your own, send a picture to our email or through Facebook for a chance to be featured in upcoming blog posts!



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