Decor: Candles, Lights, and Lamps

Are the short winter days getting you down? If you need a little extra brightness in your life this time of year, have a look at our guide to a few of our favourite DIY lighting projects. These crafts range from easy to difficult, and include both inventive upcycled designs and more traditional crafts.

Stained Glass Candle Holders Urban Thrift

Stained Glass Candle Holders
Urban Thrift

If you’re unsure where to start with a DIY lighting project, you can begin with simple projects that are meant to be accents. Small items such as candle holders are very easy to make. One of our favourites are frosted glassware candle holders, which manage to be both wintry and warm at once. Simply coat a glass jar with a layer of frosted-look lacquer and add a candle or a flameless tealight. The Offbeat Bride, a blog specializing in wedding and event decor, has created a scaled-up version of this craft, using larger containers and stronger battery powered lights. These large LED lit centrepeices create a soft glow in any colour you choose.


Jumbo Cartoon Candles Photo: Urban Thrift

If  the idea of waiting almost a full year for the opportunity to use twinkling string lights has got you down, don’t worry!  There are many tutorials, like this one for rosebud light strings, that demonstrate how holiday lights can be used for decorating year-round. The pinkish, glittery hue can be perfect for a child’s room or for seasonal events like Valentine’s Day. Swapping out the pink ribbons for ones that are soft yellows or off-white can give you a garland of lights that looks sweet and stylish year-round.

Other DIY projects can involve much more assembly and hands-on work, but the results are worth it. If you’re in the mood to try something more advanced, check out Megan P. Flug Design’s tutorial for a brass-look chandelier. You’ll be putting together everything from assembly of the design to connecting the wires, so this project might not be for beginners unless you’re ready to engage in some trial and error and dive right in. The author of this tutorial writes that this clean-looking craft is best suited to rooms designed with a minimalist theme in mind.  However, we also think that it would look fantastic painted in bright colours for a kid’s room.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for vintage lights and candles or the craft materials to take your own, a visit to Urban Thrift will help you find everything you need. If you’d like to know whether we have an item in stock before coming in to our location, give us a call or send us a private message on our Facebook page.


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