DIY: (More) Holiday Gift Baskets

Due to the response to our first gift basket post, we’ve put together a post featuring suggestions for two more gift basket themes. If you’re searching for a last minute gift or Secret Santa present, this is the post for you. Not only do these handmade gift baskets a make thoughtful and personalized present,  they are incredibly easy to put together.

The Coffee Fan


Antique Coffee and Spice Grinder Photo: Urban Thrift

Some people love coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Especially on the coldest days, they’re rarely seen without a warm beverage of some sort in their mittened hand. If this sounds like someone you know, why not them a gift that focuses their favourite treats this winter? You can package coffee or loose-leaf teas in small hand-decorated tins or jars (you can also purchase pre-packaged ones to include if you’re short on time). Other additions can include cute mini bottles of flavouring syrups or coffee liqueurs.

Elvis Presley Mugs Photo: Urban Thrift

Elvis Presley Mugs
Photo: Urban Thrift

However, even if you aren’t sure exactly what kinds of coffees or teas the recipient of this gift prefers, you can create a gift basket that makes sure they have all the supplies. Customized mugs are a great place to start. Some decorating methods use paint, while others require stencils and markers or paint from a craft store. These are incredibly easy to make, and as long as you follow the instructions on the marker and paint packaging, your creations should be dishwasher safe. You can personalize the mug by adding names, quotes, or–if you’ve very artistic–drawings or cartoons. Tea infusers also make a great addition to this sort of gift basket. You can even add cute holiday charms to the ends of them: use pliers, to affix a jump ring and a charm of your choice to the end of the tea infuser’s chain. If you know you’re loved one is always on the go, portable coffee mugs could also be the perfect addition to this basket. This Reversible Coffee Mug Sleeve  is a quick and easy to make, and because it’s a DIY project, you can select a colour scheme and pattern you know they’ll love.

The Book Lover

Books and Comics section Photo: Urban Thrift

Books and Comics section
Photo: Urban Thrift

We covered movies in our last post, and much in the same way that everyone seems to know a movie buff, we all have  that one friend or family member who can’t get enough of books, magazines, or comics. The ideal gift basket for this person can include handmade or store-bought bookmarks, miniature reading lights, or a gift certificate to a favourite book store. Totes and satchels, as well as oversized satchels, are great for those who like carrying their books with them to read on the go. If  they read predominantly on e-readers, you could create a custom-made kindle bag or purse. For kids, you can often find items related to a few of of their favourite popular stories, including plush toys, action figures, apparel, and games. For adults, spin-off merchandise can also include apparel, but your favourite bookworm might also love canvas prints of quotes from books or writers. This kind of wall  art is available in book stores and on craft websites, but you can also make it into a DIY project by purchasing a blank canvas, paint, and stamps or stencils from your local art store.

With these ideas added to your list, finding that perfect last-minute gift will be a breeze!

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