Style: Finding the perfect denim jacket

Men's denim jacket and plaid shirt Photo: Urban Thrift

Men’s denim jacket and plaid shirt
Photo: Urban Thrift


Denim jackets layer well over sundresses like this one Photo: Urban Thrift

With the Calgary Stampede approaching, we’ve stocked our outerwear section with tons of new, used, and vintage denim jackets. It’s a good idea to decide if you need your coat is going to be a lightweight layering piece, a spring/summer jacket, or if you want it to be part of your fall and winter wardrobe as well.¬†Heavier jackets are warmer, while lighter ones generally have a less rigid fit that drapes and wears in easily. We¬†recommend trying a denim jacket on wearing garments similar to the one that you plan to wear under it, whether that’s a sweater, a shirt, or a sundress. That way, you can determine whether the sleeve width and armhole size will fit correctly. This is because simply “sizing up” and buying a size larger than normal because you want to layer could result in jacket sleeves or hems that are too long rather than just slightly roomier.



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