Style: Prom Accessories and Makeup

You’ve got your dress picked out, but have you decided on what you’re going to do in terms of makeup and accessories? After all, you want to make sure that your accessories are fashionable yet also comfortable enough to carry you through pictures, dancing, and all of the other fun stuff that graduating entails. Furthermore, you’ll want your makeup to look great in all of the pictures, but you don’t necessarily want to break the bank to get it that way.

There are most likely a few items you’d like to carry with you throughout the evening, such as your phone, wallet (or ID) and perhaps a tube of lipgloss or mascara. Some people like to carry clutches, because they’re small and cute. However, we’d like to point out that you’re most likely not going to want to be constantly have something in your hand or tucked awkwardly jammed under your arm for the entire night. Nor do you want to a clutch it somewhere that you might forget. In short, you want something that looks cute but that isn’t going to be a headache to carry or keep track of. That’s why we would suggest a small crossbody purse. These are just as small and dressy as a clutch, but leave your hands free. If you can’t find one that’s dressy or dainty enough, or you have your heart set on a clutch you’ve already picked out, consider doing a little DIY project. Take your clutch of choice, and find a braided string or ribbon that matches it in colour and in style. Measure and cut it to the length that reaches from one shoulder to the opposite hip and back again. Then, sew each end of the string or ribbon to the inside lining of your clutch. During photos/grand march, etc, keep the strap tucked inside your purse. When it comes time to dance or move around, take the strap out of your clutch and convert it into a cute purse that allows you to keep track of your stuff and have a good time.

When it comes to makeup, many people enjoy having it professionally done. But if you’ve left this to the last minute and can’t get an appointment, are looking to save some cash, or are artistic, look no further than your computer. There are hundreds of makeup and fashion enthusiasts who create tutorials and guides for virtually every look and occasion. Many of these are quite interesting, and some of these amateur makeup artists are so good at what they do that they’ve been featured in fashion magazines for teens and young adults. So log onto youtube, type in a couple of keywords, and find your perfect look. We have two suggestions to help this process go even more smoothly. The would be to look this up at the very least a few days in advance to give it a test run as well as to give yourself time to get any cosmetic products that you may need. The second would be to use the application and styling directions of the tutorials as a guide, but don’t feel the need to purchase the exact same colours that are used to demonstrate the look. This is because of variations in skin tone and hair colour. If they say use pink and white, for example, use the shade of pink that suits you best, as well as an off-white or grey if those look better on you.

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