Why is reading the coolest thing ever?

Why is reading the coolest thing ever?

Great question! Reading is the coolest thing ever for 7 very important reasons!

1- Reading increases brain function (Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and depression!)

2- Reading helps your imagination stay youthful, even when your knees don’t.

3- Reading allows you to experience places, people, and things without leaving the couch! It increases your ability to feel empathy.

4- Reading is quiet, and calming! It will help you sleep better!

5- Reading will improve your vision, it’s a healthy change of pace if you (like me), spend WAY too much time in front of the computer and television!

6- Reading kills time, so if you’re waiting for a bus or the power is out, you can pick up a classic and go to another dimension while you wait! The airport isn’t so boring when Mordor is a few pages away!

7- Reading will improve your concentration and language skills!

There are lots of reasons to buy second hand!

First of all it’s a very environmentally safe alternative, BOOKS DON’T JUST GROW ON TREES YOU KNOW!.. Well, actually they do. But we don’t have nearly enough to trees to go around in the first place! So if you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, used books are certainly the way to go! Buying books from your local thrift store is not only earth friendly, it’s wallet friendly. Our books are very affordable and you could save hundreds on new titles! It seems new books are becoming more expensive by the day, but with books being a fraction of the regular price second hand, you don’t have to limit yourself! You shouldn’t have to pay $30 for a single book, reading is knowledge and we want to share it with everyone! Finally, it is important to buy books second hand because starting in January we will be donating all of the book sale profits to a local not for profit organization that focuses on the importance of ecological responsibility, bees, and apiaries! They’re called ABC and you can visit their website (http://www.backyardbees.ca/) for more information about their goals, programs, and services.

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