Urban Thrift: Selection Process and Pricing

Ever wondered about how we sort and price the outfits and antiques we sell at Urban Thrift? Here’s a rundown of how we sort and price clothes, collectibles, and artisan/consignment items.
Photo: Urban Thrift

Photo: Urban Thrift

Items to be sold are  first cleaned using the appropriate methods (steam cleaning, washer, general cleaning for shoes, etc.). They then undergo a three-step sorting process. Several staff take part in this process in order to ensure quality control and accurate pricing. The first step in sorting is to look for clear problems, such as tears, stains, or too much wear. Clothing that does not pass this test is put aside, and the fabric is sent away to be recycled.

 Next, the clothing is put on on hangers and inspected for smaller issues, such as small stains, missing buttons, or broken zippers. The garments are either restored to their original condition, or the fabric is recycled.
After the main sorting, the prices are attached to the clothing, which may be examined one last time for any quality issues that may have been missed, and then examined in terms of style. At this point, certain seasonal  items might be put in storage to be sold at a more appropriate time of year.
When pricing items, our main goal to have all regular clothing between $5 and $15. Within this range, brand, age, and quality all play a factor in the final pricing decision. After a period of time, garments that have not sold are removed from our racks and donated.
Housewares, Collectibles, and Vintage Items

Teacups Photo: Urban Thrift

The items in our housewares and collectibles sections undergo a similar sorting process. As with clothing items, the age and the condition of the item play a major role in the final price.  If the item needs a battery or a light bulb we will make sure it has one before selling, and collectibles or antiques that require specialty pieces (such as a typewriter that is missing ink) are labelled.


Vintage Cameras Photo: Urban Thrift

In order to price unique collectibles or vintage items accurately, we do research before putting them on sale. We check resources on antique items, as well as websites such as eBay or Etsy, to get an idea of the current market price is of the item. We then typically reduce that price by 10-15%.  Collectibles differ slightly from clothing items in the way that they are sold: While we’re happy to dismantle the outfit on almost any mannequin in order to sell just the top or the skirt,  but we rarely sell antiques or collectibles individually if they belong to a set.

Locally Made Clothes and Art
Sweater, Q2 Creations Photo: Urban Thrift

Sweater, Q2 Creations
Photo: Urban Thrift

Finally, we sell certain items on consignment from Calgary-based artisans or artists, such as Q2Creations, Tinker Tim’s Jewelry, and staff member Louise’s pottery. The prices of these items are determined based on the input of the artist. If you are interested in selling your items with Urban Thrift, don’t hesitate to call us or message us on


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