DIY: Upcycled Tapered Pant Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I saw the picture of a pair of tapered pants (also called drop-waist pants or harem pants) that can be worn multiple ways. The illustrations demonstrated how the pants could be worn like a romper, high-waisted, or low on the hips. However, what intrigued me the most was the way that it had been created in such a way that the pants could also be turned upside-down and worn as a loose blouse. As you can see, the arms are worn like sleeves. This gave me an idea for the next DIY  tapered pant tutorial project.

I searched around until I found a pair of tapered pants, just like in the second picture. The first thing to do is make sure that the pant legs aren’t too long to be made into sleeves. Normally, they’re perfectly fine, because these tapered pants are not like usual ones. The actual separate “leg” parts are shorter, because of the unique cut of the pants. You can see this from the picture.

DIY Tapered Pant Sweater

The kind of shirt I was aiming to create is a very loose, drapey dolman-sleeve top. The name might not be familiar but you’ve probably seen the loose-sleeved blouses many times before. In case you haven’t, check out the picture of a grey dolman-sleeve sweater we’ve included.

First, flip the pants upside-down. You should see the vague-shape of a shirt here. The pant legs will make the arms, the loose part will make the body of the shirt, and the waistband will be the bottom of the shirt that will sit on the hips. So, you are going to have to cut a hole for the neck. It’s best to make a wide but shallow neckline. This enables you to wear the shirt off one shoulder or the regular way. Sew the cut edge of the neckline under, or add some ribbon. You shouldn’t have to hem anything else unless you want to cut the waistband off to make the whole thing looser. (This is the case in our picture, to show you what the effect is).

Interestingly, one blogger from Needle and Nest Design found a way to do this in reverse: check out her tutorial on how to turn an old adult-sized t-shirt into a pair of loose pants for your little one.

Finally, there’s a popular music video that features a celebrity wearing a version of these pants. Can you tell us which one?


Photo: Urban Thrift


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