Thrift Shopping, DIY, and Swapping

In our posts, we’ve highlighted tips on thrifting and doing projects yourself, as well as the benefits of doing so. In this post, we’re putting the spotlight on a few of the many people in the entertainment world who are also involved in thrifting. Like most others, they cite affordability and uniqueness as main reasons.

Costume Designer Sandy Powell

When I saw the 2010 film the The Tempest, I was impressed by the unique choice of costuming. I assumed that it was simply part of the adaptation, but a little research revealed it was actually thriftiness on the part of the costume designer.

Sandy Powell is the costume designer behind movies such as The Aviator, Shakespeare In Love, and Shutter Island. She has been nominated for ten academy awards and won three.

In 2011, she worked on Julie Taymore’s film The Tempest. This adaptation of the Shakespearean play features numerous characters who are nobles, princes, or dukes. This would normally require costumes made with rich colours, fancy braiding, and intricate embroidery. However, due to budget constraints, Powell had to pare things down a little. Instead of going the traditional route, she took a frugal and inventive approach and trimmed the costumes with zippers and studs. If you think the outfits are interesting, come on down to Urban Thrift–we’ve got a grey long-sleeved T shirt with zippered rosettes along the collar!

Thrift Shopping, DIY, and Swapping urban thrift

TV Host and Model Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung has worked as a reporter on many fashion- and beauty-related shows, such as Gok’s Fashion Fix and Frock Me. She has also contributed to numerous fashion magazines and had a career in modelling from age 16-22. Ms. Chung also enjoys shopping for thrift and vintage items that suit her style, and has encouraged her fans to do the same.

Celebrities on Red Carpets

In most cases, movie stars and musicians don’t buy dresses from designers for every red carpet event or appearance. Rather, designers often lend out clothing and for the star to wear (expecting it back in good condition of course). The designer gowns are therefore, borrowed. Sounds a lot like a fancy version of clothing swapping to us.

As you can see from these examples, even those in the Hollywood industry like getting a good deal on clothes, or come up with inventive ways to save while creating something awesome and unique outfits.

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