DIY: Creative Plant Holders for Spring

After a recent move, I was looking up some ideas for decorating and organizing. Along the way, I found’s guide to creative plant holders. The designs range from the fairly typical cute-shaped planters to more inventive ones that water themselves or charge your iPod to downright bizarre ones like a flowerpot dress.

Thrift stores can be a great place to find home decor, including plant holders and flowerpots that are perfect for string. We wouldn’t go so far as to suggest you wear the aforementioned apronlike plant holder/dress, (although if you do decide to try it out get back to us with a review and a pic), but we have rounded up a few inexpensive and easy ideas for decorating your space with plants just in time for spring.

calgary thrift store finds DIY plant holders
calgary thrift store finds DIY plant holders
calgary thrift store finds DIY plant holders

1. Painted, Mosaic, or Fabric-Covered Terra Cotta Pots

This is one of the easiest to do, as you can decorate the terracotta pots with acrylic paint or even just markers. You can also use ceramic tiles, smashed pottery, or small decorative items to create mosaic-style flowerpots. For some inspiration and ideas check out, a youtube compilation of creative mosaic plant holders. Others suggest covering terra cotta pots with upcycled fabric. Decorating Terra-Cotta pots is an extremely versatile project: You can create something that looks like it was bought at a special boutique, but its a great craft for kids to do with non-toxic paint.

2. China

You can find old teapots, teacups, and other china and ceramic items that are perfect for storing cute pastel flower arrangements. You can either cut the flowers and put them in water in the teapot, or put soil and a favourite plant if you want something that will last a little bit longer.

3. Watering Can Arrangements

These are an old standby, seen on front porches everywhere. You can usually find old metal watering cans at thrift stores or yard sales. You can adapt the look for indoors with a smaller watering can, which you can decorate in most of the ways we suggested for the terracotta flower pots above.


I’ve seen people use old-fashioned lanterns as holders for crawling vines and thought it was a really great idea. If you don’t have room for an entire latticework fence, this is a great alternative. You can find old lanterns at thrift stores and antique shops.

For most of these ideas, you also have the option of using cloth or plastic plants instead of the real thing. Just put a little bit of foam in the bottom of the container, and then arrange the flowers in them. This works well if you don’t have a green thumb, but also if you don’t want to deal with the upkeep of plants, or if you want more control over the colour and style of plants that you have.

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