DIY: One Turtleneck, Three Projects!

I have this really great sweater turtle neck my stepmom gave me. I love this thing however someone helped me do laundry a while ago and sadly it no longer fits. I have been saving it till the weather cooled off to turn it into something new. I’m not sure if you noticed but the weather has cooled out there for sure. This brought me to a three part project from the same sweater. I am going to break this up into how to initially cut the sweater and then into each project from there. The first project will be a hat for me. None of my old hats fit since I changed my hair. My friend is having twins so I figured I would make her a couple of warm baby hats. I also am a huge short sleeve shirt fan so we are going to make those arm sleeve things. Yes that is a technical term.

You will need:

1 long sleeve sweater


sewing machine

measuring tape

Step 1:

Lay your shirt out. This shirt had weird sleeves so I cut those to get the use of the full arm. You may not have that problem.

Step 2:

Now cut the sleeves off just below the armpit. The sleeves are going to be turned into our arm warmers and the babies hats. Twins yikes brave girl. If you don’t have babies to make hats for you can also leave the sleeves long and make a longer arm cover. It does get cold out there.

The picture below shows how I cut the sleeves for the babies hats as well as the arm sleeves.

Project 1 Baby Hats

From the smaller part of the sleeves I made two baby hats. This was a pretty simple project since most of the sewing is done for you already. I just sewed along the side I wanted to be the top of the hat. I then folded the bottom of the hat and hemmed it up so that it wouldn’t fray.

These are hats for kids so I made some pom poms and added them to the front like eyes.

Project 2 Arm Sleeves

As I said earlier I am a huge fan of short sleeve shirts. I am also a realist and know i need to dress warmer when it gets really cold. So I took the remaining sleeves from my turtle neck and slit holes in the wool where I wanted my thumbs to be able to stick out.

Next i just zig zag stitched around the hole I cut. The other way you could do this is to make a very large button hole here. Since not everyone is at the same skill with their sewing I thought I would give you the two options. I also hemmed up the end my elbow comes out of because I really can’t stand fraying.

Project 3 Hat for me

I changed my hair last year rather drastically last year and I am finding none of my hats fit me properly anymore. First I measured my head I really wanted to make sure it would fit hehe. I divided that measurement in half and drew the design I wanted onto the body part of the sweater. Remember to leave enough extra for seam allowances. No point making a hat if its not going to fit. Also try to start from the bottom of the shirt. One less place to have to sew.

Next I cut out the shape I wanted. Make sure to cut both sides of the shirt or you will end up with a half hat. I have been practicing making pom poms so I made this hat with a longer end to hang a couple from. My niece is going through a phase she wants pom poms on EVERYTHING.

About 90% of fabrics and knits have what they call a right and a wrong side. The right side is the side with the pattern and the wrong side is sort of what you wear on the inside. Put the right sides facing each other and sew around the edges.

Turn the hat so the seams are on the inside and there you go. One nice warm hat. I have been wearing this thing around and I really love it. I have big hair and most hats are tight. I still have some of this sweater Kicking around so I might see what else I can create from it. Maybe slippers mmmm wool slippers. Stay tuned.

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