DIY: Flip Flops – A review

Are your flip-flops always flip-flopping off your feet when you walk? These spring and summer shoes are incredibly comfortable, but also incredibly easy to trip out of. This upcycled version, originally found on is a quick, easy, no-sew way to turn a pair of flip flops into a pair of sandals that are just as comfy, but slightly more wearable for those who are constantly on the move. this is also a great way to make this casual, beachy footwear a little dressier.

Start off with a pair of flip flops and some fabric. For the first pair that we created, we used a scarf about a meter in length, like in the original tutorial. However, go for longer if you aim to create a pair with additional lacing-up for a more dramatic look. Alternately, you can opt to use less fabric and cut at the end of the sandal strap if you don’t want them to lace up at all. You can use any sort of fabric you like for this, although if you’re cutting something up for this project make sure that whatever you’re using doesn’t run along the place where you cut it.

According to the original tutorial, you should thread the scarf fabric around the centre of the flip-flop strap, then wrap it outward, overlapping as you go. I found it helpful to start at one and go all the way around: it helped to ensure that the fabric would cover the centre of the flip flop strap. I found the ribbon did not move while I was wearing them, but if you want to make sure that the ribbon will not move, adding small dabs of glue at each overlap should prevent that problem.

Tie a small, flat knot at the end of the sandal strap.

To tie, criss-cross in the back and, loop the ribbon around the front. Tie the rest of it however you wish, depending on how much ribbon you left.

This is a great DIY project and we’d recommend that you give it a try. Let us know your thoughts or share a pic of your creation through the blog or through Facebook!

DIY Flip Flops A review Upcycling a thrift store find

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