DIY: Thrift Store Upcycling Jewelry

THrift store DIY project upcycling jewelry

Upcycled jewelry can be incredibly easy to make, and extremely fun. Artists have everything from made stained glass necklaces to earrings made from the aluminium of discarded pop cans or cutlery. If you’re just starting out, moulding your own pieces out of resin, making stained class, or even cutting and shaping metal might seem a little daunting. Fortunately, if you’d like to have fun creating some inexpensive jewelry, and extremely simple thing to start out with is actually just… other jewelry.

Here is a basic description of how to make a necklace from other discarded jewelry peices. It does not require any special tools beyond a pair of pliers, and takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

Sometimes, you might find existing pieces that need mending, such as a new clasp. Other times, however, it’s simplest to break pieces down into all of their basic parts, which is what we did in this project. I took apart the necklaces, separating the clasps, loops, string, and beads. I also used pliers, to separate the “ring” part from the decorative part. (Note that this does not work with all rings. In some cases, you’d probably need a tool to actually cut the metal instead of just bending it.)

With all of your pieces laid out, it’s much easier to see exactly what you’re working with. In this case, I used the pliers to bend the loop around the outside of the pendant’s setting, then threaded the string through the loop.

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