DIY: Upcycle a scarf into a skirt

Scarves are a colourful item that can make a great addition to many outfits. There’s a myriad of styles, weights, prints, and patterns available. is how to make a simple pleated skirt out of a scarf. Preparation time is an hour to two hours (depending on your experience level, familiarity with sewing, and whether or not you are sewing by machine or by hand) to make.

Step 1: Choose Your Material

This skirt was going to be quite flowy, so I made sure to find a scarf that went around the waist one-and-a-half times. This is only a guideline: some people might choose to have a more voluminous skirt, that has enough fabric to wrap around twice. You should judge for yourself what amount of material is best.

Step 2: Waistband Ribbon

Next, decide what you are going to use for a waistband. Drawstrings are most likely the easiest if you are new to DIY projects, but I am using an elastic waistband. Decide how long your skirt is going to be. I wanted it to hit mid-thigh, so I measured and cut accordingly. Be sure to take into account the fact that you will need fabric to fold the drawstring/waistband, as well as for the hem. I alotted about 3 inches for this.

Step 3: Fold and Pin

To make the pleats, you want to fold the fabric, and pin the fold to the waistband. Do this until you have covered the part of the waistband that will go around you. (Remember, there will be some excess on each end for you to tie.

Step 4: Make a Seam

Finally, turn your skirt “Inside out” and sew the two edges together so that it is closed up. This will create a seam. Leave a small “V” part unconnected, to allow you to slip it on and off. (Similar to the function of a zipper in jeans). Position the seam/tied part on the side or in the back when you wear the skirt.


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