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Earrings are a small accessory that can make a dramatic difference. They can serve as a the focal point to an outfit, or you can use them in a more subtle way to accentuate your face shape as well as the colour of your hair and eyes. Read on to find out how these small pieces of jewelry can not only add instant polish to an outfit but can bring out some of your best features.
When it comes to how earrings can help you make the most of your face shape, they work very similar to the way hair cuts do. Visit Naly Fashion for a cool interactive page in the same vein as certain hairstyling sites that allows users to determine what kind of earrings look good on what face shapes.
Ladies with round faces often find it flattering to wear cuts and styles with lines that draw the eye up and down.¬† This look elongates the face and accents features without adding width. If you have a round face, you’ll most likely look fantastic in glamorous drop earrings. For a more understated look, oval and rectangular earrings give a similar effect.
If you have an oval face, you can get away with pretty much any style of earrings that you wish. However, if you have an oval face that is also quite narrow, button earrings and larger shapes that add a little width to your face look particularly good on you. Similarly, if your face is oval-shaped but a little rounded, try drop or dangling earrings.
If your face is square or rectangular, look for button-style or oval-shaped earrings that soften the lines of your face. Avoid anything bulky or sharp that will end up overemphasizing the lines of your features.
Finally, if your face is heart shaped, chandelier or tear drop shaped earrings are very flattering on you because they add a little width around the bottom of your face.
For both aesthetic and practical reasons, you might want to consider your hairstyle when selecting a pair of earrings to wear. Straight hair looks nice with hoops and dangling earrings, whereas if you have curly hair you might want to consider romantic rosettes or studs that look cute without getting tangled in your tresses. If your hair is long, selecting earrings that stand out against your hair colour can make them more noticeable: for example, deep colours and red with blonde hair, turquoise with sandy strands, green or navies with red, and bright colours like cream or ivory look particularly striking against dark hair. If you have short hair, especially cut above the earlobes, this provides a great way to show off some bold earrings. Ladies sporting cropped cuts and pixies can also flaunt smaller pieces that would go unnoticed when worn by those with longer locks. To show off statement earrings, longhaired gals can acheive this look by sporting a half-updo, ponytail, or bun.
Finally, you can choose the colour of your earrings to make your eye colour pop a little more. Brown and hazel eyes look great with gold jewelry, whereas lighter eye colours look when paired with silver, platinum, or other wintry colours. Whether you decide to match them to your face shape, hairstyle, eyes, or none of them, earrings can liven up any outfit, and they range from classic to quirky. They can define an outfit, or they can blend in and act as accents that subtly compliment the rest of the outfit. Which do you prefer?

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