How to shop at a thrift store

How to shop at a thrift store series: part 1

Patience is a virtue, and it is especially important when shopping at a thrift store. Unfortunately, neither patience nor virtue can be bought at any Calgary thrift store. It you have it, then you should put it to good use when thrifting.

Like most Calgary thrift stores, Urban Thrift doesn’t have an overstock of items, and once items are gone they are not restocked. These one-off Items are the lay of the land at Urban Thrift but the silver lining is that inventory is updated consistently through out the day.

Many people go into Calgary thrift stores and see nothing they want in the first five minutes and say, “There’s nothing here for me.” However, if they were to shop the store a desired item might appear on the shelves. Just like when you find your keys when you stop looking for them.

Two things to remember when shopping at Urban Thrift. There is no set time when inventory is brought out, and there is also no set plan for the new and incoming item. So leisurely shopping the store, gives you enough time to just watch the store. Watch if the associates are bringing anything out. I am not by any means suggesting you creep out the staff by staying there all day, I am simply encouraging you to be available to what may be “The Find” for you.

So tell me. Will you leave a thrift store if you don’t see anything that catches your eye upon arrival?

Bev Jamieson is the general awesonmenator and owner of Urban Thrift. Urban Thrift is a premier Calgary Thrift Store.


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