Men’s Fashion Trends for 2012

In the fashion world, things on the fairer sex side change much faster than things on our side. Even with the slower rate of change, it is hard to keep up with things. Come on, we are men and this is fashion we are talking about. Fashion gurus claim that men fashion changes every six month, same period some men, and a large percentage, take to change their bed sheets. Now do the math.

This article however sums up 2012’s trends and fashion tips in efforts to keep you upbeat. Floral patterns in an emerging trend in men’s fashion. And the trend is hot as these patterns are all over from catwalks to paisley shirts, larger flowery options to beach shorts. It is clear that designers have bitten into this cake and are not relenting in their endeavor to change how men perceive fashion. Don’t get this confused with the feminine floral patterns that have adorned the catwalks since time immemorial.

mens blazer

Then there is the men’s blazer, as hot as hot gets, which is sweeping men of their feet. The blazer comes coated in a variety of versatile colors. It wears block colors ranging from green to blue and grey to pale mauve. These different subtle colors allow you to wear your blazer to a variety of events, whether formal or social. Blazers are trending in the fashion world for yet another reason; they are superbly tailored to look attractive on any man.

Trending on similar grounds are the leather jackets that have been making appearances on the catwalks. The leather Bomber jacket is one such beauty. It gives the wearer a great sporty look that every man should crave for. When you are out for sporting activities, the bomber jacket is a superb garment for keeping out the cold. There is a lot of pocket space as well. The jacket fits such casual settings like a sock does the foot. To achieve a hip look, wear the jacket unzipped with a shirt underneath.

Many men, you included, will be quick to associate crop tops with women. But these tops are a common thing on 2012 men catwalks. Now that you know better, you may drop the notion as well. They are trending, and trending hot. Men crop tops are not tiny thingies as those with women. These look like loose vests but shorter than normal. If you own a six pack, crop tops will be great for you. You will get these tops in black and white.

Sheer clothes and lace are quickly curving a niche in 2012 men’s fashion. They are key trends on the men’s catwalks. Many men, this time I included, would associate these clothes with women. But if worn with the right clothes and in the right fashion, they look amazing on men as well. On summer vacations, sheer shirts are very popular. If you are tanned, sheer shirts are great for showing off. They are also great for using as layering. There you have it, 2012 men fashion trends.

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